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  Why Hairloss ?  


My background for this page


1. I am the Inventor of Swapna Hair Enricher. Because of that I am a hair care Scientist and consultant for the last 25 years.

2. I am a hereditary baldy. I became totally bald / vertex merging with the retreated sides, by age 37 / 1980.  My family Doctor advised me in 1969 that my eventual baldness can neither be avoided nor delayed. He advised me against having false hopes and wasting money on Cosmetic Products. He was proved right.

3. I hold a MBA diploma from IIM, Ahmedabad. Educational Institutes never teach you 'dirty or cheap' tricks. Yet in the Market, we routinely come across many bluffs, distortions and misguidance. The practitioners pick up the ugly side from the street. And many practise it brazenly so long as it suits them financially. In Ahmedabad traffic signals one can spot the educated and the rich breaking the signals routinely. The hand cart and cycle rickshaw persons do not normally violate the rules.

4. Marketing was my area of interest while at IIM. I lost that in 1971 when I read Vance Packard's classic, the Hidden Persuaders. As a small town boy with weakness for truth, I have remained little known.

Now even at 73, I do get some new hair on my head. That is the underplayed, under stated power, behind my words.


Why hairloss ? my views

This page is about the major hair loss causes. Just stating them without some related details does not make sense. Poor / indifferent / counter productive hair care is an overlooked major factor for hair loss. That is what my research showed by 1994.

The good, bad and the ugly hair care practices / ridiculous solutions find mention in this page.


Medical reasons / Uncontrollable factors

Dermatology and  21 other major Medical Therapies do not have simple cure for Hairloss due to Heredity. Besides that there could be factors like Cancer, which affect only some.  Let us accept that as ?uncontrollable?. It paves way to think of safe steps to avoid baldness due to factors other than Heredity

Not much efforts or money is spent on Medical Research about Hair. This is what I noted during my academic research between 1993 to 1998. For more, refer Bibliography and or the web

Swapna can control hair loss even with Hereditary Baldness prone persons. Refer Hereditary Hairloss. Propecia and Minoxidil preparations, while did not measure up to the original claims of Hair Regain, are reported to be effective for control of Hair Loss. For preliminary details, refer Compare1


Implied Medical Messages

1. One should not fiddle with the hair too much as the Medical solutions are limited to nil.

2. Cosmetology cannot be ahead of Medical Therapies in terms of relief / solutions to Medical problems like Hair loss or Dandruff. To assume otherwise is unwarranted, baseless and risky. Trichology is not a Science at all. It is a convenient mixture of Allopathic terms and Cosmetic practices. You can check the web.

Many hair loss sufferers make several baseless assumptions and worsen their conditions. Review your Hairy Assumptions.  Empower yourself with basic Dermatology details haircare basics.pdf

This is necessary because of the lurking Danger


The Danger - The Market confirms that

1996 survey figure: 40% of the population suffer from hairloss, dandruff or both: 2012 figure: 60% of the World's population face Dandruff and or hair loss. It is a succinct comment

Many suffer from the delusion that Cosmetic products offer simple and convenient solutions - and they pay the price

I have hardly come across a single Cosmetic company selling a Hair care product, offering any proof or supportive evidence.  This basic determinant for purchase is overlooked by the purchasing public whatever be the reason.


Non Hereditary hair loss



As of 2012, 40% of males face hairloss compared to 20% in 1996 amongst American Males.  That is 100% jump in hairloss in just 18 years. Heredity cannot explain or account for this jump.  Misuse of hair explains this spread, as there are more number of products in the market today with baseless claims and limited to nil beneficial impact.


Fundamental Points to know about Hair

There may be 100 to 120,000 hair strands in a normal head. There is a Sebum / lipid / Oil gland attached to every strand. [oil is the natural provision for the skin and hair. All the pipings are concealed] Adjacent to every strand, there is a Sweat Gland on the head. [Moisturiser is available on demand for life]That is, only Oil and water, body coolant, are the basic requirements for the hair.

 The Hair is alive only from the root to the skin. The hair outside the skin is a dead piece of non dividing cells. It cannot be resilient like a live part. It does not matter whether you feed Vitamin or Protein.

The sheep do not go for shampoo bath routinely so that it can spare enough hair for us to make wool. The feathers of the birds are also made of Keratin. Wherefrom they get balanced diet is a mystery. Without the feathers, they cannot fly and have to die. We feed even some of them but they do not share their secrets


Self inflicted, major hair loss cause


1.  Shampoo destroys Sebum,  the natural protection for the welfare of the skin and hair. The body production of Sebum goes down after age 40. As we age, the density goes down. Is it age or sebum, the more crucial factor. [No one knows, no one bothers]

There is not a single person on Earth who knows everything about the hair. Perhaps less than 1 percent of the population may know 25% or more, of the available details on hair.

I include Dermatologists in this negligent percentage group. Even they do not know fully well because Dermatology itself does not have too much details. There has not been significant research on Hair and its care. The unknown side of the hair is huge. So, play safe.

To know more about the 'understated / dark side of shampoos, refer Shun Shampoos 

I have been advising Swapna users against reckless / excess use of shampoos since 1993. Many followed my advice. That is, I have tested the functional utility of my views.


2. Dry Hair Styling

Many have started sporting dry hair styling / no oil application on the head in a Tropical Country like India. This is an unscientific, destructive practice for the hair. For detailed analysis, refer Dry Hair Styling

I hope that villagers and farmers continue to wear caps / turbans / protective clothing for the head, besides oil, as they used to do around 1960.

Non oily heads will face premature greying, excess itching, dandruff and shortened life on the head. Colouring / dyeing worsen the problem further. Dye sellers enjoy over 20% annual growth for the last 20 years


3. Dandruff

Dandruff leads to excess hair loss. My reasoning is simple. Dandruff is a sort of fungus attack - globosa is the name for the fungus located recently. Fungus needs something to feed. That has to come from the live part of the hair. Because of the sharing, the under fed hair would suffer the consequences. For more, refer to Dandruff as well as Anti Dandruff Shampoos

Fungus does not thrive in oil. In the leg, in the little finger, due to accumulated moisture, we get 'fungus attack' and with application of Oil, the problem gets resolved. That is dry hair styling without oil can only lead excess sweating and scope for dandruff.


4. Misuse and Abuse of hair

These terms nearly covers all the causes including the aforesaid 3 major causes.

Please refer to the Testimonials page. You would find that the major 'cause for hairloss' was casual care, as the users wrote in their reports. It is not 'Heredity'.

Casual care could mean excess shampooing, not referring to a Doctor, continuing with the delusion that Cosmetic products can provide the solutions, if not A perhaps B and C approach and so on.


Disappointed that I have not talked about the popular causes and solutions?

Please wait for a slight intermission and read on


Reverence to Truth in paper


The Supreme Court had ruled that  "the object is to bring honesty and truth in the relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer". And "if the general impression conveyed is false, the most punctilious and scrupulous accuracy in immaterial minutiae will not render the representations true"  [a lie is a lie even if covered with irrelevant packing and convoluted explanations]

In the market place, Truth is a much sought after attribute that is always in short supply. If a common man lies under Oath in a Court, it is an offence. The black coats on either side shout that in films to educate the public.  I do not know why Companies brazenly bluff / distort or make misrepresentation and get away with it. I view such lies as a great offence as they are fooling the Society. It should be made a criminal offence for the safety and value system of the Society.

Please refer Unfair Trade. Colgate and Hindustan Unilever prove in Court that the other is a liar.


2. Times of India, Ahmedabad dated 13th February, 2010: Heading:  HUL Guilty of making misleading ad claims

'.. Hindustan Unilever has been held guilty by a high powered body under the health ministry of making false and misleading claims on its malted beverage 'Kissan Amaze'...

Their claim that the Kissan Amaze would have 'favourable action on Brain Power' is without any Medical Research or Proof.

Was any fine or deterrent action imposed on Lever. No

3. Public also exhibit a bit of hypocrisy. They may stop the use of that product as in a case like above, but excuse the company. They may buy other products of that company. The position is different if say, a house maid pinches something. The least that would happen is termination of employment to the offender and to the family members of that offender. If a known person lies a bit for his advantage even if it does not hurt us financially or socially much, we normally cut or minimise such relations.

Why our scales should differ between a friend, neighbourhood stores and a Company that brazenly lies?


Exposing the ridiculous and absurd hair fall causes / advertised solutions

1. Protein - Protein intake does not improve the hair. In the West, people take non vegetarian / protein rich food. Yet they suffer. Head is not a second stomach to digest Protein. So use of Protein Shampoo is a waste of money. Body makes 40000 Proteins from the food that we take.

2. Stress: Look at a 4th standard student. He has to carry 3 plus kgs of books and notebooks, Lunch box, 1 kg water bottle, 2 hours home work assignments, spending over an hour from and to school in traffic, and also face peer and parental pressures. Gone are the days like mine when I had to carry a slate or a notebook and no home work. [I am ex IIM student].

No one normally looses the hair below 18.

3. Balanced Food  This is a new, over blown, fashionable shallow word. Not even the so called nutrition experts can have balanced food with the right amount of Carbohydrate, Proteins, Oils and Minerals.

4. Vitamins All the Vitamins can be made synthetically since 1952. Should not this achievement led to reduced hair loss in Society, if only there was a link?

Vitamin E heal the skin. It cannot help the hair much. E.Merck is a large producer of Vitamin E in the World. In India, they used to sell it in 'flesh coloured' capsule to beauty parlour outlets. And for hair, they made Propecia. Its sales are also helped by the fact that Insurance companies reimburse the expenses

5. Pollution This again is not a relevant or substantial cause for hair loss.  [ refer Haircare faq2 ]

[ Though the above factors sound scientific / sophisticated / fashionable to mouth, there is no Medical proof for direct linkage of any of these factors with hair loss. Swapna does not bother about these and such other advertised excuses / solutions.

I only presented the above 5 factors as sample. Personal Care companies and advertisers invent catchy excuses routinely. The public looses - wasted efforts and time with meaningless products and solutions.


Hair Fall per Day

Misguidance: Some say that the hair fall up to 100 per day is normal. It has no medical / research support. Why 100? Why not 1000 if we can get that much back on the next day, while having breakfast?  Hair fall of 100 per day means loss of 36500 hair per year. In 3 years, the top hair will get wiped out. Normally, not even hereditary baldness prone persons loose that much and become bald in 3 years. Hairfall and density have to be assessed together for sensible hair care

Human Growth stops after age 20 and start to decay gradually. In my view, daily Hair fall should preferably be below 30 after this age ? refer the calculation in the Anagen section in Hair Basics page / chapter. It is not absolutely mathematical in a way I would prefer but it is an approximation to be on the safe side


Parting shot:  Hair damage by Shampoos and dry hair style


1996 -  Business India:  News as per a snippet published in  one 1996 issue

40% of the World's population suffer from hairloss, dandruff or both. Americans had a high percentage of dandruff sufferers compared to others. 


Two Multinational Anti Dandruff Shampoo makers [total sales over 75 Billion Dollar Sales across the World around 2000, including other products]

'64% of the World's population suffer from hairloss, dandruff or damage'.  The words used may differ from one another,  may read modern, impressive and flamboyant. with causes and 'solutions'

Public gained nothing



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