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The selected details in this page are from the pre formatted Questionnaire form filled up by several users between 1992 to 1995.  Only the details deemed relevant and appropriate to share are reproduced below.

The users final one line comment about Swapna are in the last column in the tables below. The hair problem is mentioned in the column before that. 

Swapna was given to hair loss sufferers. Only limited persons came for dandruff treatment. And our focus at that time was on hairloss sufferers


Recovery / impact on Hereditary  hairloss cases

Table 1 - Results of Swapna on Persons who lost Hair due to Heredity


S. No.


Report Date

hairloss started at  the age of

Age at the time of reference 

Years lost - before using Swapna  

Hereditary Hairloss control

1 R.R [self] 04-01-92 24            49  25   3-4 weeks
2 KS 26-12-92 28            42  14   5  weeks
3 SCS 25-03-93 35            38  3   yes
4 PS 10-04-93 20            27 7   4 weeks
5 SM 05-07-93 22            28 6   yes
6 MBB 13-09-93 36            41  5   3 weeks
7 JSS 12-12-93 39            42 3   4-6 weeks
8 ABG 22-04-94 27            33 6   6 weeks
9 G.A 29-03-95 23            28 5   5 weeks
10 KR * 10-09-95 27            35  8   Slow

* This person's baldness rank was near 6 when he referred. He was irregular in usage. Subsequently he started using it regularly and gained some density / new hair in a year's time


Impact on Poor growth with Children


Table 2 - Young users; problem  - poor growth;  Recovered with Swapna:


Initials  Age Gender Report  Date Problem at the time of reference   The User's Comment 


07-09-96 Poor Growth   Growth normal by age 2 - child's mother
 KRM   3  F 17-01-95 Poor Growth   "Excellent Hair Tonic for  Hair Growth"  - report by the child's father
 STD    F 16-05-93 Poor Growth   Normalised  in 4 months
 NK  11  F     1993 Psoriasis   Dandruff reduced
 ARP  12  F 06-08-95 Poor Growth   Stopped Hair loss &  Dandruff
 RLI  15


31-03-93 Dandruff   Dandruff gone


Impact on Hairloss / damage  - NON HEREDITARY FACTORS


Table 3  -     Casual care was the cause mentioned by the user


Serial No in our records User's Initials


Hand written  Report  date
hair problem/s
User's one line summary
 8  HCS  40 Feb 93 Thinning and graying Hair loss controlled
 18  PS  27 10-04-93 Hair loss Controlled. Beneficial for all
 19  RL  30 16-04-93 Hair loss Beneficial
 21  SAP  25 20-04-93 Hair loss Swapna is good
 30  RJS  48 18-09-93 Thinning Hair fall reduced
 45  BBK  39 12-06-95 semi bald I like it
 56  HP  .. 04-05-96 Hair loss "Very much pleased"
 58  RS  43 12-06-96 Hair loss Hair loss controlled
 60  SPS  42 April 95 Receding side Gained
 64  KRS


21-10-96 Dandruff, hair loss Good for all


Table 4  -  Hairloss not due to heredity - continued




Final Report 
hair status Assumed Cause User's one line summary
 ST  39 15-03-95  Semi Bald Tension Hair loss controlled
 GA  28 29-03-95  Dandruff & loss Work Load "Looking Younger"
 ARS  39 02-04-96  Excess Loss Tension, spicy food "Dreamy result that I will  never forget"
 ARG  45 21-10-96  Hair loss Workload, acidity "100% result"
 - Medical Representative
 GBS  27 30-11-96  Balding Tension, pressure 
Oily food
"It is really good and effective Hair Tonic"
 VCK  56 16-05-93  Hair loss Asthma/ hereditary Fully satisfied



Table 5 - Hairloss not due to heredity - continued


The Persons in Table 5 had referred their problems to Medical professionals. After some time, they left that as they did not notice any meaningful improvement. They tried Swapna.  You can read their comments. 


other cases - females


 34  Dr. DGS 47  09-03-94 Nothing specific[Allopathic Doctor] Hair loss controlled - 3 weeks 
 14a  RK  38  06 -04-93 Hair loss Controls effectively
 16  PP  52  08-04-93 Hair loss Hair loss controlled
 17  GPP  36  09-04-93 want thick hair "Very Healthy"


Some Points of relevance to a hairloss sufferer


Analysis of the Hairloss  Results


1. Heredity Hairloss:

There are 10 persons in Table 1 who suffered hair loss due to heredity. Swapna controlled their hairloss within 4-6 weeks despite late reference. All of them referred years after hairloss started and benefitted within 6 weeks. 

2. Non hereditary hairloss cases. Table 3, 4 and 5 lists these cases. Swapna impacts positively on all the users.  Loss in these cases are normally due to Controllable factors. If we refer to Table 3, this becomes amply clear. 

 [Let us ignore Table 2 / youngsters and Table 5 / medical cases  [minor ones probably. It is right to spell out these causes].

3. Clear Indication

a] Take Table 3 and 4, there are 16 persons. Hereditary hairloss cases are only 10 in Table 1. 

It indicates that many people loose hair today due to factors other heredity [one and half times more].  It is due to casual care or improper / self destructive care

The sample is  small to come to a definitive conclusion.  But my subsequent interactions with hair loss sufferers during the last 20 plus years have only confirmed to me that my inference is on the right track.


Common Advice given to all Users


All the Users were asked to reduce / avoid shampoos. Secondly, they were advised against sporting dry hair style. These 2 factors lead to spread of hair loss in almost all cases that I came across.


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