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  Printing Inks  


Printing Ink manufacture


I can provide Consultancy / Technology, within India only, for the manufacture of Flexography / Gravure Inks suitable for printing on Polythene, Poly Propylene and Polyester films. This was my main line of business for over 20 years. I closed down this business at the age of 60 in 2003.

I can also provide Technical Consultancy for Letterpress and Offset Inks.


Experience & Managerial background


I got associated with Printing Inks Industry in 1971.

My basic qualification is M.Sc in Organic Chemistry. So, I had interest in Printing Ink Technology and formulations. After I left the services, I had my own Printing Ink manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad for 20 plus years. It was not a line suited for my daughters. So, I closed it in 2003 to spend my time with Swapna, my pastime Invention. 


Seminar on Printing Inks


I can conduct a Seminar / coaching session on the subject of Printing Inks manufacture for 2-3 days if a small group of ink makers in a place wish to have a functional interactive sessions about Printing Inks

The language can be English or Tamil.


Gold Paste


Prior to 1996, Gold was a major colour in the Polythene / PP outer wrapper  for Surat Sarees. Gold was a high catching colour.  Flexo and Gravure printers of Low / High Density Polythene and Poly Propylene films were users of Gold paste for Carry bags as well.  [Gold print pastes are based on Bronze powders]

In 1983, I made a non dulling, bright, Gold Paste. My product was a shade better than products made with imported materials / other companies.  I had no competition for this product between 1985 to 1995 in Gujarat on quality parameter. This technology is for outright sales

This innovative formulation financed me and my factory construction after 1985. I operated in a small way.


Wrinkle Medium


Technology for Wrinkle Varnish. This is for getting Wrinkle Finish on Tin sheets. It was an import substitute item as was conveyed to me by M/s Metal Box personnel in 1985. For a single person like me they were too big and risky - the company was sliding a bit and tin packing demand was going down. I made 2 supplies to them and did not want to pursue that trade.  This varnish was used for BABA brand 120 Tobacco, packed then in Tin Containers. [It was premium brand even in 1980. It commanded premium price. The finish was made different by them to avoid duplication]

The outline of the technology is available for sales


Contact details


R.Ranganathan    Qualifications: M.Sc, [MBA -IIMA]
No 8, Prarthana Flats, Off. S.P.Nagar Road,   Inventor: ....  Swapna Hair Enricher
Navrangpura,    Innovations:   Non Sticky Hair Oil, Dandruff cure
Ahmedabad 380009, India     
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Phone No 079 - 26404204    
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