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Swapna Hair Enricher is a 1991 haircare simplified invention. It is an Unique product without many peers in the World for nearly 25 years now.

This site has proved, with comparative photo proofs, the Hairloss control ability of the product. The 'dandruff remedy' feature, safety and anti itch properties have been proved with users testimonials. The hair gain / growth feature is self evident from the 3 photo sets in the site.

Swapna Hair Enricher is the product's name and hair saver plus is the site name.


Relevant major pages in the Site


Major Benefits     Hair loss     Dandruff     Hair Gain      Hereditary Hairloss

Proofs for Gain    Hair Gain     Testimonials

Quality Comparison:   Compare1    Compare 2

Summary    The home page / The Swapna 


Technical Licensing - basic ideas


I would prefer World wide licensing arrangement

There has to be a substantial, initial payment and a regular 'Royalty' charge. The desired initial payment is over 30 Crores in Indian Currency / 5 Millions in US Dollars for world wide licensing

It is for the interested companies to suggest any other mutually beneficial and or alternate business proposal. 

The product cannot be patented. The buyer has to safeguard the formulation as Coca Cola does


 Electrifying  Publicity


The product has relevance to over 3 Billion people.  Billions of Dollars go down the drain with ineffective hair loss control products and anti dandruff shampoos around the World

Imagine the Public saving the Hair and Money if Swapna's Technology is made free to them!.

It would get Electrifying Publicity to the Donor. Any Philanthropist can donate the Technology of Swapna to the Public and get Electrifying Publicity. 

Suitable proposals are welcome from Philanthropists. Royalty is irrelevant if the purchase is for the benefit of the Society. [all amount exceeding 5 Crores / 1 Million Dollars, will go to Charity]




For testing / assessment needs, 12 bottles of the product has to be bought. The charge would be Rs 3000/-


Contact Details


R.Ranganathan    Qualifications: M.Sc, [MBA -IIMA]
No 8, Prarthana Flats, Off. S.P.Nagar Road,   Inventor: ....  Swapna Hair Enricher
Navrangpura,    Innovations:   Non Sticky Hair Oil,  Dandruff cure
Ahmedabad 380009, India     
    Author: ....... ABC on Haircare and much more - Haircare Book.............
Phone No 079 - 26404204    
Preferred phone timings:    Age:             73
10 to 1130 AM: 4 to 10 PM    
e mail id:  hairsaverplus.....@yahoo.co.in    Note:  remove all dots before@:  Please mention page name as subject
There is no e mail id linked to this site. Only external e mail account is used to avoid trash and other nuisances


Errors and Omissions exempted.  If there be any unwanted oversights, mistake in content or suggestions for improvements,  kindly let me know
swapna hair Enricher/ saver, Cocolite, Silvershine, Autoshine and  Metashine are our brand names
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