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  Cleaner Polishes  


My Background:

Printing Inks for flexible packaging was my main business activity. This business was unsuited for ladies. I did have some free time during the day because of batch changes. So, I started using my free time to think of 'ladies oriented' business, if needed, for the future needs of my daughters.

Cleaner Polishes was my area of interest as a pastime in 1989-90. I have formulations for simultaneous cleaning and polishing of Silver as well as Chromium. 

My basic qualification is M.Sc. in Chemistry. With my constraints, I was interested in simple Chemical formulations which can be made and used safely at home

This page is about the available formulations for these 2 surfaces.  After the invention of Swapna in 1990, these formulations took a back seat.


Chrome Clean

Chrome clean is a slightly thick, rubbing cream.


1. Auto Parts


Our Cleaner Polish formulation, Chrome Clean,  can remove dirt, grime and minor rust. It can make the surface clean, bright and glossy. Regular use of the polish, say once a week, is advisable

Chromium plated parts are common in accessories for  2, 3 and 4 wheelers.


2. Bath Room fittings


Chromium plated water taps in Kitchen and Bath Room fittings is common in India. With passage of time, these fittings accumulate salt deposits, which do not go away with water, soap or domestic washing detergents.

The Chrome Clean can remove water marks / normal salt deposit: Once in a fortnight  use is advisable for water taps. 


Silver Shine - Cleaner Polish for Silver Articles




It is supplied as a medium thick cream. It does not contain Ammonia or any major harsh chemicals. Fairly safe to use with the fingers. [However repetitive / prolonged use is not advisable]

Silver Shine has to be rubbed in the area to be cleaned. It removes the blackness / tarnish in Silver besides the normal accumulated dirt and oily deposits: Gives a bright / glossy finish: The brightness of Silver Shine stays comfortably for over 2 months as per our tests - comparative test done in 1990 with a then popular Silver Cleaner Polish. Silver Shine delays the onset of Tarnish.


Method of Use


Advisable: Pre Cleaning / very black pieces: Heat the Silver piece in hot water [not boiling] for about 5 to 10 minutes or immerse it in a hot water [not boiling] container.  It will loosen up the tarnish to some extent and the cleaning becomes easy. It lowers the Time and cost of cleaning.

Apply the polish on the area to be cleaned. Spread well. Rub a bit. Wait for 2 minutes. Rub again. Tarnish would have got removed / reduced compared to the level earlier. Remove the waste / Clean well with water. Dry well with a soft cloth. Polish it.

For routine, regular use items, this is sufficient to get a clear, bright, glossy finish. For highly tarnished items, the process may have to be repeated.



Gold is fairly easy to clean and become bright. Test in a small area and if satisfied, use Silver Shine.



Oxidised Silver, Artificial Silver, Diamonds, Stones and such others make up a vast field. The product has not been tested for such wide range of items. Buyers can test and use it, at their own risk.


Safety / ingredients

Chemicals used in the above 2 formulations are not normally considered harsh or toxic. I have used my fingers only for years [1989 to 1995]

Ammonia is not used in these formulations




These products are not sold now. They have to be made against order.

For testing: 

One has to buy 6 to 12 bottles of 100 gms. I do not provide free samples


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