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  ABC on Haircare  


My background for authoring a book on Haircare


I am the inventor of Swapna Hair Enricher. It is a remarkable hair saver plus. Because of Swapna, I went through several  Dermatology and Cosmetology books and magazines to get more academic breadth and also to review routinely my invention.

Many hairloss sufferers have contacted me over the years. I have checked the validity of my views with them, in terms of impact of my impact. They have stood the test of Time. 

I have spent the last 25 years as an inventive haircare Scientist. Besides Swapna, I do have the Technology for simple Dandruff Cure and Non Sticky Hair Oil.

This background finds expression in the book


Book on Hair Care


'An ABC on hair care and much more' is my book on Haircare.  

The book provides 

a]  basic  basic Dermatology facts 

b]  many hair and skin related scientific facts

c]  hair market related facts including some examples of duping practices / baseless claims. 

The book's aim is to suggest safe haircare practices such that a reader feels equipped to take due care of one's hair in a safe way. The book does not deal with Fashion / unwanted indulgences with hair


Novelty in Approach


Hairloss causes have been classified into 2 major categories for simplicity and easy understanding - as Controllables and uncontrollables.

Heredity continues to be the major and almost the only Uncontrollable cause for hairloss. That said, it automatically follows that most other cause are controllable.

The book pays excess attention to identify many  'Controllable factors' for hair loss. It analyses all such factors with Dermatology and other Scientific details as well as Hair market details. The depth and width is intended to induce  sensible haircare. 

The underlining theme is 'prevention is better than cure'.


Sampling the book


The following chapters are kept free in the book as of January 26, 2017

Functional Haircare:   Introduction    Hair Sense        

Counter productive haircare:  Dry Hair Styling    Shun Shampoos 




There is no good basic level / simple hair care book in India. I looked for one between 1995 to 1997. I did not find one which is why I started writing a book in 1998.  

Proposals are welcome for publication of the book in English and different Indian Languages. 

I have the ISBN number as the author. The Copyright will remain with me / family.  Publication rights can be given

[ 34 years of my Professional life was in Industrial Marketing / an entrepreneur. I do not have any experience in Consumer Marketing. At 73, I do not have any interest in self Publishing a book. I did not have any interest even earlier].


Contact details 


R.Ranganathan    Qualifications: M.Sc, [MBA -IIMA]
No 8, Prarthana Flats, Off. S.P.Nagar Road,   Inventor: ....  Swapna Hair Enricher
Navrangpura,    Innovations:   Non Sticky Hair Oil,  Dandruff cure
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