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  Hairy  Bluffs  




No one in the World knows everything about the hair. The proof for such a blunt statement is simple. If everything was known, hairloss and baldness should have become dead subjects long back. Keep this in mind while hearing about some hyperbolic hair related claims

None of the 22 major Medical Therapies have a comprehensive  answer to hereditary hairloss as of July 2017. Genome Sequencing details are out since some years. Have they shed any light so far? Nothing major seems to have come out till now, even for some life threatening diseases.

We also come across in our routine life with persons with hair loss problem attempting an empty bravado that it is easy to control the loss and reverse the situation. The question that they never answer is why they did not stop the loss before starting the talk. Words never get hair

So, it is prudent to be safe with hair and its care. Beware of the high sounding bluffs on the TV as well. The trashes at times stick and cloud our thinking


Assumptions / Delusions / unwanted notions

Many make the easy and convenient assumption that haircare articles in Magazines, Sunday supplements of Newspapers and such others on the net or so called 'experts' / professionals' opinions, are likely to be latest and can be relied upon.

Some have the delusion that a Western haircare product is more modern and scientific compared to an Asian / Indian products.

Unfortunately the latest news on Hereditary Hairloss is only 5000 years old. No meaningful progress has been made since then. And the tragedy today is hairloss due to factors other than heredity is also devoid of any simple solution.

Baseless notions and haughty approaches do not mean functional haircare. There is waste of Time and Money. Worse is the belated realisation that real haircare got side tracked in the period of meaningless indulgences

I list below some common, high brow, baseless suggestions for hair safety. I will also mentioned 2 universally common, presumed safe but nevertheless very potential, hair damaging factors.


Who am I?

I am the inventor of Swapna Hair Enricher. I was totally bald by age 36 / by 1980. In that bald head also, my invention produced some new hair. It does even now. I am 74.

I used Pure Silverkrin, Silverkrin hair dressing, Clinic Plus and Selsun between 1969 to 1980. I did not get any worthwhile benefit. That is, like many others, I am a short changed customer of over blown and ineffective cosmetic hair care products.

I am a smoker for the last 52 years. I also chew Tobacco / Zarda for over 40 years now. I go to sleep after 12.30 AM for 360 days in a year. I take sleeping pills since 1989. I am a vegetarian - less protein food. Despite all these, I do get new hair even if it is only 2 or 3 at a time.

2. I have gone through many British Dermatological books between 1991 to 1998. I have also gone through the reputed Science Journal like Nature for 6 plus years. I have also glanced through Vogue to check whether there is any functional guidance to ladies on haircare. I did not notice any meaningful article in 6 plus years, be it Vogue or Nature


6  Hairy Bluffs without any Medical Proof


1. Balanced Food:  High Brow excuse

Balanced Food means proper amount / percentage of Carbohydrate, Protein, Fats / Oils, Vitamins, Minerals and other sundry items. No common man can waste the day, calculating the percentage content of each item of intake, total them up and then balance / adjust  the intake.

Why do all these tom foolery work? Is there any evidence that 'balanced diet or the lack of it' affects the hair only and rebalancing, restores the hair to its pristine glory? No

There is no mention of balanced diet and hair loss in Dermatology books. You can check that out. So throw this meaningless excuse

The food that we took around age 14 made us grow into adults. It was nutritious enough to effect that growth. If we blame that food around age 25 for hair loss problem, it is just a vain attempt to shift the blame, misled by false notions.

Just eat what you are comfortable with.


2. Proteins and Vitamins - Modern sounding excuse

All the Vitamins can be made synthetically since 1952. Is there any proof or meaningful evidence that any Vitamin is directly related to hair loss or growth? None

The body makes 40,000 Proteins from the food that we take. Which protein can prevent hair loss or which Protein can aid hair growth?  Nobody knows. Chorus does not get hair

And the body makes about 56ooo enzymes. Which minerals and proteins are we to take for hair? By the time the number gets reduced to 1000, a Century or two will pass

Keratin does not hold the cure. If a medicine has to reach the intestine and not get affected in any way by the stomach, it is packed in Keratin Capsules.

Spending money on Proteins and Vitamins is an exhibition of wealth and not haircare


3 Oils - sticky nothing

There are occasional outbursts about Apple Cidar Oil, Olive Oil and such others. None of these oils got created in the last 2 Centuries. Hairloss existed since 5000 years. Aristotle wailed in 3rd BC that the only way to avoid hereditary baldness is to choose your parents or become an eunuch. The point to recollect is that Olive Oil was available in 3rd BC too.

People across the World had plenty to Time to experiment with these oils. They were not compelled to be busy with Nosebook, Glitter, splutter and so on

Now we do have new nomenclature like Omega 3, 6 and 9. Earlier they were called Essential Fatty Acids - for the body and not for hair. Omega 9 is Oleic acid. The main fatty acid in Olive Oil is Oleic acid. The body produced Sebum also contains Oleic acid. Oleic acid is a skin irritant. That is perhaps why we wish to clean up the oil and feel fresh without itch

Olive Oil is promoted by European Union for Foreign Exchange earnings. Thousands must be promoting it for money. Indians are second to none in aping White Skin. Try to locate a person who has gained with Olive Oil. It is to be conceded that it has a high society status

For harsh Indian climate, Coconut Oil, a saturated oil / non reactive / non drying oil is good. It is just a protective coat against Sunlight and simple way to lower the free radicals reactions on the scalp


4. Pollution - Page 3 excuse

Currently fashionable, socially acceptable, excuse for excess hair loss. Many companies claim to have researched the impact of Pollution on hair and are ready with Shampoos and elixirs.

Just take a fallen hair. Look at it and judge its thickness. Perhaps 5 to 10 hair will go in a pin hole. A hair strand, supported on all sides by the skin,  comes out of a minute hole on the scalp. [pull a hair to realise]. How big is the gap between the hair and the hole, for pollutants to enter? Not much. Only liquid pollutants can seep through that small gap. [gaseous pollutants cannot take a dive; solid pollutant cannot enter]

The Bhopal gas tragedy is one of the worst pollution cases of 20th Century. About 3500 people died. Near about that number suffered some serious injuries. How many lost the hair? There was no report of hair loss.

Pollution has no role for hair loss. Let Research establish a relation first.


5. Artificial Classifications


Dermatology does not make classifications as Oily, Semi Oily, tantalizingly Dry, Composite skin etc or hair. I never across any such classifications in any Dermatology book that I referred in 8 years.  There is no Chinese, Indian, Afro Asian  or Russian hair groupings.

In the market, you can get shampoo or other products aimed at a particular group. Secondly it is doubtful that Chemicals used in Shampoo have region wise impact. There would be notional minor changes in formulations but meaningless to be of relevance or have proven efficacy for any manufactured groupings.

Most people must be having normal hair. Companies have not succeeded in making effective and beneficial  shampoos / hair products for normal hair. Why assume that they have the expertise to make 'specilaised products for specific groups'?


6.Moisturisers - the unwanted elixir?

Moisturiser is a basic need for the hair. Lack of it can cause hair problems. Buy our latest, doubly enforced, moisture centric hair product is what some sellers shout now

There is no link. Moisture is one thing we do not have to bother. It is elementary Watson!

Every Sebum / lipid / oil gland join the hair strand at a level above the hair roots. Adjacent to every hair strand, there is a Sweat Gland / water tube / moisture on the head.

That is, there are as many Sweat glands and Sebum glands as the hair strands. Even if the hair is lost, Sweat glands remain operative.

The Negative - Think about it

Moisturisers are water attracting / retaining chemicals. Sweat is body's waste water. This waste water will stay longer on the head / will not dry up fast because of the moisturisers. That is, hair will get more time to soak this waste water and retain them. Hair can absorb water to the extent of 60% of its weight. They do not say these things. Empty vessels make the loudest noise.

It is not possible to list all the meaningless excuses. The above is a sample. You have to analyse when you come across refreshingly modern, exotic excuse


Hair Damage


1. Shampoos - Perfumed Pollutant for the hair

Shampoo is a detergent based cleaner. Elevating a cleaner to a 'wonder cure' status, is a mad, frenzied hyperbole. Instead of tempering down, we are now elevating it to a higher orbit if it is laced with Protein, Vitamin or Minerals. It is a tragedy for the hair but Triumph for those making detergent solutions.

The detergent solution has a very slow surface tension. It can easily glide through the above mentioned hair hole

In 1996, less than 40% of the population suffered from either hairloss or dandruff. Over 62% of the population suffered or face dandruff - Survey results of 2012

It exposes the shallowness of Shampoos.


2 Dry Hair Styling

Non oily heads will face premature greying, excess itching, dandruff and shortened life on the head. Colouring / dyeing worsen the problem further.

Free radicals float above the scalp. Sunlight triggers free radicals reaction. Oil would give some protection against the Sunlight.

Dyes are highly unsaturated compounds / unstable, reactive compounds in simple terms.  Free radicals will attack them first.

Black is the only colour that can transmit back the heat energy of the Sunlight. That power reduces with continuous fight of a non oiled head against Sunlight. Do we not see discoloured heads on the Indians streets?

Indian Dye sellers enjoy over 20% compounded annual growth for the last 20 years


I hold the view that Shampoos and Dry hair styling are the most important factors for the incremental hairloss amongst the public in the last 50 years.  Limited proof  Testimonials and the interactions with persons who contacted me during the last 25 years


some other notes:   Shun Shampoos     Hair Sense

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