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  Hairloss Control  

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Hairloss Control - Medical position


No one in the World knows everything about the hair. The proof for such a brutal statement is simple. If everything was known, hairloss and baldness would have become dead subjects long back.

None of the 22 major Medical Therapies have a complete answer as of July 2017.

It is necessary to know the above basic facts in case you have hairloss problem.  Many loose hair, not because of Heredity, but due to causes other than Heredity. One increasingly relevant cause is casual care of the hair / ignorance about hair care and reckless abuse and misuse of hair with questionable products

There is too much Trash floating all around us.  As there is no simple solution available at the nearest shop, mall or the on line portal,  proper care is necessary to safeguard the hair


What is hair loss?


Hair Loss should simply mean that the average hair fall per day / week / month is more than the natural replenishment and the density is decreasing.

The misleading shouts

Some say thoughtlessly that the hair fall up to 100 per day is normal. It has no medical / research support. Such assertions mislead the public and induces a feeling of complacency.

Why 100?   Why not 200  if we can get that much back on the next day, while having a cup of Tea ?  Hair fall of 100 per day means loss of 36500 hair per year. Within a year, the scalp may become visible.  In 3 years, the top hair will get wiped out. Normally, not even hereditary baldness prone persons loose that much in such a short span.  Hairfall and density have to be assessed together for sensible hair care.


Cosmetic Trash


When Dermatology is not able to attend satisfactorily to hair loss problems, it is meaningless and risky to assume that Cosmetology know a bit more

1. Almond, Egg, White or Yellow, Balanced diet, Warm Oil, Proteins, Vitamins, Keratin, Olive Oil, Conditioners and what all the Cosmetic Sellers say, cannot help to stop hair fall or aid hair growth. There is no proof or study anywhere to prove a direct link between any of the above factors and hair loss.

2.  Oily, Semi Oily, tantalizingly Dry, Composite etc skin or hair are meaningless, artificial groupings done by Cosmetology. There is no Chinese, Indian or Russian hair. Likewise there is no Hispanic Hair, Afro Asian hair, Latino hair and what not.  Such segmentation pampers to the whim and fancy of some people.

Many people loose hair by running after products with appealing excuses, like above for loss

Trichology is not Hair Science as some falsely advertise. Trichology is a convenient commercial mixture of Dermatology and Cosmetology. Dermatology is the basic science for Trichology courses. Cosmetology is not a Science. The formulations can be science but not the application, functionality, safety and so on. They are mainly driven by commercial factors.

refer  Hairy Bluffs

Poverty in Plenty


We are provided with about Hundred Thousand Hair. That plentiful supply provides a feeling of complacency and unwitting misuse as we age.  It is not Heredity, but Abuse and Misuse of hair which is responsible for the increased spread of hair loss across the World in the last 50 years.

[ My assertion is based on the interactions that I have had with buyers during the last 25 years. I found it true in all hair loss cases referred to me till October 2017. It is not commercially prudent to say that. It is against the flow. But then Mr. Raghuram Rajan is not the only person who can say ' I do what I do']

This is a difficult thing to accept for many persons for various reasons. Whatever be the reason, there is a basic underlying, unpleasant factor - lack of knowledge about hair care. Unless this basic background is changed, the scope for prevention gets limited for the Society.


The Shallow Solutions - free or paid


Despite the earlier mentioned Medical limitations, over hundred thousands solutions, tips, experts opinions, blog posts litter the Web and the Media.

The only drawback is that none come with supportive proofs that one can really bank upon and get the relief. I have been looking for one since 1965. I did not come across any till 1990.

I have been routinely searching the web since 2000 for a hairloss control or dandruff remedy product, backed with supportive proofs. I have not come across any other than Swapna.

You can check that out

 Query in  Web Search

On 24th April, 2017

hair loss control product with supportive proofs

Top Ten position for this site - about 4  Million results


The Hair Caring Invention


I invented Swapna in 1991 in desperation. It effectively controls hair loss. The proof is below

Hairloss Control and Growth proved vividly

second set of Comparative Photo Proofs / CPP2 

Left side


Left Side 

from the back

Right Side

Right Side

before Aug 95


After Dec 1996

before Aug 95

before Aug 95

  After Dec 1996

Look at the photo taken from behind. The scalp is visible with reduced hair density. The right side photos are from the Sunlight's side.


The photos show clearly that Hairloss has been controlled. If hairloss was not controlled first, this person  would not have gained It is an elementary inference.

Compare a December 1996 photo with a corresponding 1995 photo - right or left side. The photos Scientifically prove that there is significant improvement in density / hair growth / gain.

In this case, the growth / gain has come after 18 months use of Swapna. It means that regular daily use of Swapna helps to save the available hair, prevents damage and promotes growth.


Additional  Written Proofs for hairloss control

Please refer to the Testimonials page. 


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Combing and Drying Tips

Use a Plastic comb, with wide teeth on one side for parting and narrow teeth on the other side, for final combing / dressing. Never use a Hair Brush. Hair brushes can become a reservoir for dirt, grime and dandruff as they are difficult to clean

Never fry the hair in the hot Sun. Always use a hair oil / Coconut Oil after bath in hot tropical Indian Climate.

Just cleaning the hair with ordinary water / warm water is better than shampoo, which can penetrate to the root and damage that area.  Persons who cannot wash the hair daily, can use a moist handloom towel to clean the hair. The moist towel will remove the dirt. 

For drying the hair, use a handloom towel. They are absorbent. A second towel can be used, if needed. Hair will dry up within 10 minutes even if the hair is 30 inches long.


Know the Terms


Know the full meaning of terms like Conditioner, Trichology, moisturiser,  serum, shampoo, baby shampoo, UV light, Free radicals and Dyes. It can save a few hair


Some hair damaging practices


1. Dry Hair Styling

Non oily heads will face premature greying, excess itching, dandruff and shortened life on the head. Colouring / dyeing worsen the problem further.

The skin, base of the hair, gets damaged routinely on a daily basis.

Indian Dye sellers enjoy over 20% compounded annual growth for the last 20 years

2. Sebum is the body produced oil / lipid. The production  slows down after age 40. Every hair strand is connected with a Sebum gland. So, every head would naturally be slightly oily.

There is no need to shampoo the hair every second day and remove the body nutrients at the hair roots. Pollution is not a major cause for hair loss. Look around and work it out.

3.  Many needlessly assume that the Western methods of haircare and styling are modern and scientific than the traditional Indian hair care. This is an unwanted assumption.

There is no worthwhile Research about Chinese and Indian hair care practices or hair in general. And they account for nearly 50% of the World's population. Eurocians account for 5% of the population. But their views and judgements are blindly accepted by the remaining 95%. Dollar always commands a price


Errors and Omissions exempted.  If there be any unwanted oversights, mistake in content or suggestions for improvements,  kindly let me know
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