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  Hair Loss Control  

This page should be treated as a continuation of the home page.


Proof for Hairloss Control and Growth

Second set of Comparative Photo Proofs / CPP2 

Left side


Left Side 

from the back

Right Side

Right Side

before Aug 95


After Dec 1996

before Aug 95

before Aug 95

  After Dec 1996

Look at the central, rear view photo. The shallow density is clear. The right side photos are from the Sunlight's side.

Compare a December 1996 photo with a corresponding 1995 photo - right or left side. The photos prove clearly and Scientifically that there is significant improvement in density / hair growth / gain. If hairloss was not controlled first, this person  would not have gained It is an elementary inference. .

In this case, the growth / gain has come after 18 months use of Swapna. It means that regular daily use of Swapna helps to save the available hair, prevents damage and promotes growth.

These photos conclusively prove that Swapna provides Hairloss Control as well as hair growth. They reinforce the photos and the inferences presented on the home page


Additional  Written Proofs for hairloss control

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Combing and Hair Drying Tips

Use a Plastic comb, with wide teeth on one side for parting and narrow teeth on the other side, for final combing / dressing. Never use a Hair Brush. Hair brushes can become a reservoir for dirt, grime and dandruff as they are difficult to clean.

Never fry the hair in the hot Sun. Always use a hair oil / Coconut Oil in hot tropical Indian Climate as protection against Sunlight and in Winter as protection against the cold climate. When the oil content on the skin is less, skin cracks - even the heel cracks in Winter. So application prevents skin cracks on the head as well - reduces scope for misinterpreting powdered skin as dandruff

Just cleaning the hair with ordinary water / warm water is better than shampoo, which can penetrate to the root and damage that area.  Persons who cannot wash the hair daily, can use a moist handloom towel to clean the hair. The moist towel will remove the dirt. 

For drying the hair, use a handloom towel. They are absorbent. A second towel can be used, if needed. Hair will dry up within 10 minutes even if the hair is 30 inches long.


How Swapna stands out amongst Millions


I have been looking for a hairloss control product since 1966. I did not come across any till 1990. I have been routinely searching the web since 2000 for a hairloss control or dandruff remedy product, backed with supportive proofs. I have not come across any other than Swapna.

Query in  Web Search        On 24th April, 2017

hair loss control product with supportive proofs     Top Five position for Swapna / site

You can check them out

Please locate a proven and demonstrated product better than Swapna anywhere in the World and use it. That is one other option to control excess Hair loss


Excuses that worsen hairloss


Diet / Food, Pollution, Stress / Tension, Proteins, Vitamins and demonetisation do not have any role to play with hair loss or with hair growth. 

All these excuses have only one benefit for a hairloss sufferer. They help to shift the blame. There is one glaring weakness in such excuses. They lack proof.

If a hairloss sufferers gets brainwashed,  bombarded by the recklessly  repeated meaningless claims of Shampoos, Conditioners and what not, it is a self dug grave for hair. Simple, commonsense haircare is a free and safe protection.

Draupadi kept her vow after 13 long years. Sense and not show makes a difference


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