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  Hair Gain  


Swapna Hair Enricher is an Invention. It has the power to provide

Hair loss Control and Growth

This page proves this point with 3 sets of comparative photographic proofs


Comparative Photo Proofs - CPP1a and b




 May 1993    Age: around 65


April 1995    Age: around 67


Photos are self explanatory. Yet, for more descriptive details, refer to Swapna page / home page


CPP 2a and b



Left hand side  

Left hand Side 

before - Aug 95  

After - Dec 1996


For more descriptive details and photos from another / right side, refer Hair loss  Control page]


CPP 3a and b





January 1993 - Age 49


January 1995 - Age 51

Just check the height of the hair line above the ears. The Gain and improvement in Density between the 1993 and 1995 photos will become crystal clear.

For your information, the gain shown above is after becoming totally bald due to heredity

For more descriptive details, refer  Hereditary Hairloss page]


Hair Gain / Growth - some points to know

1. The normal human growth is about 1 cm / half an inch per month. This cannot be speeded up.

2. Body produces about 40,000 Proteins from the food that we take. Likewise the body produces about 56000 enzymes. No one in the World knows the exact protein that the hair needs.

So wasting Time and money on Proteins is a meaningless ritual for the hair.

3. There is not a single, proven, demonstrated haircare product like Swapna in India or outside of India

The 2 medically / FDA approved products are for Male Pattern Alopecia cases only. For more, refer to Compare1 or the portals of these products in the web.

No other hair product in the World, other than Swapna,  is backed by 3 sets of Comparative Photo Proofs for hair growth / gain. If you find it, use it

4. 'A lie repeated told, sounds like the Truth'. This Chinese proverb is used extensively across the World by Politicians, Advertisers and others.

There are very many meaningless nothing products available across the World.


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