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  Substandard Soaps  



This page was written years back to expose the deliberate efforts made by The Indian Soap makers Association / its members to lower the quality of Toilet Soaps. It was expected that surfers would grasp the fact that there can be unstated / understated facts with reference to Shampoos, tooth pastes and so.

Visitors to this page have missed / chosen to ignore the message. So this page is shortened with effect from 3rd February 2016.  Those who wish to know more, can buy my book. 


What is a  Soap?

Toilet Soap is the reaction product of a vegetable oil / glyceryl fatty acids, say coconut, Palm or Olive Oil and caustic Potash / alkali - roughly 5 kgs of oil reacted with one kg of caustic gives Soap, the Potassium salt of a long chain Fatty Acid. 

Oil is 5 parts to 1 part Alkali. That is, Oil / Total fatty matter / TFM is about 83%. 


Toilet Bars are inferior in Quality -2 proofs

'Godrej Soaps has always believed in providing its consumers with high quality products. The company has taken a conscious decision to manufacture & market only high TFM toilet soaps as against low TFM bathing bars which are being marketed by many FMCG companies in the Indian market'... 

 Business World 30-6-93 to 13-7-93 page 82 'Froth without Substance’

 "if the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) implements its norms, nearly 80% of the Soaps produced in the country each year [3.8 lakhs tonnes in 1992] would be declared Substandard and fail to qualify as Toilet Soap.".... Why norms and standards if you cannot enforce them?


Emolliency / suppleness / TFM

Emolliency means the ability to soften, supple, smooth, lubricate, less itchy, etc. Vegetable Oils are very good Emollients. Low TFM means the emolliency is compromised. 

People refer to this page for 'TFM'. That they do not proceed to refer something more, does not seem meaningful. If low TFM is a matter of concern, 

No TFM shampoo should logically be a matter of concern. After all hair route is between the lower and upper part of the skin. 

Concern for TFM

 and indifferent haircare like dry hair styling and excess shampooing are contradictory. 

But that is the unfortunate reality when I scrutinized the site statistics. Why have an uncared page. So most of the earlier contents are deleted now.


The biggest soap seller starts the downtrend

Toilet bars, an inferior version of Toilet Soaps, are sold more in India after 1993

Hindustan Unilever lowered the TFM of some high volume soaps - Business World, 1993

Hindustan UniLever’s Brands

 TFM % in 1985

 TFM % in 1993

Percentage drop / reduction in TFM 
















The Soap makers and BIS colluded to fool the Public. The perfidy continues for 20 years now. No one is ashamed. 

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