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[I have written this section, Haircare abc, as a Hair Care Scientist with reasonable experience and interest in haircare. I have academic background in Chemistry and Business Administration.]


Polishing the Leather


Clean the surface first with a dry cloth. Apply the polish in all areas. It contains extra oil / wax for protection. Spread it uniformly. It will lubricate the material and keep them soft and supple. Brush well.  Polish it finally with a soft cloth. 

We do all that to maintain our Leather Shoes nicely. The shoe is normally made out of dead buffalo's hide / skin. Even the dead skin has to be cleaned and oiled regularly. We learn it almost daily. 

We bother about the easily replaceable shoe, but with our skin, we use a different, unproven, science


Preserving the wool


Use only a soft soap or a mild detergent. Do not soak too long - not more than 15 minutes  Rinse well. Do not squeeze. Allow the water to drain out.  Dry it in Shade only, with a hanger. Use low temperature for Ironing. When not in use, cover them properly. Protect it against moths.

These are valuable  instructions for the protection of the woolen clothes. It is costly. We obey them. It is common sense. The wool is from the sheep's hair. What about our hair ?


Lubricating The  Paper to count


The Paper bundle looks nice. We sweat to gather more of them. 

Be they new or soiled, some of them stick together due to static electricity. We use saliva or water pad to separate the stuck papers and count. Even Government Employees know that, whether they earn it or get it for nothing, in wallet, brief case or suit case - if they are called Currency Notes. 

Will not a touch of Oil, which is slow in evaporation compared to water, lubricate the hair better and avoid static electricity, clubbing of hair, prevent needless pulling while combing and the split ends ?


Dollar and Colour mania 


We have to put on a Tie to  look smart and important -  the outside World and the strangers on the street should know who we are and or our status 

In Summer too, even if the temperature is over 42 degrees Celsius  [ 107* Fahrenheit.]  the tie is needed. Why bother that it is intended to cover the neck from getting hit by cold breeze in cold Countries - follow the West and the White blindly.

Why care, if the skin boils a bit ? [Sanity may come if Dollar gets back to Rs 4 as in 1957. Dollar Value and not Conviction blinds many]

At times, even in Summer, a woollen suit is used. They look better. The fall / creasing is excellent. It can impress others. 

The proactive Judges too, do not bother about this senseless apparel. They too practice it. No wonder that the courts are going from bad to worse. Why should judges analyse them, if it does not get publicity or employment with perks till age 75 and beyond ?


 We became independent long back  - but independent and bold in thinking !

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Rationlisation - our extra strength


The head should not get heated up, the Doctor says. Not even 2 degrees Fahrenheit more !  We do take a pill or two to bring down the high fever during illness. We are scientific and obey his dictums. 

What if the Climate is hot - Say, 40 degree Centigrade in Central India in Summer, 6 degrees above the body's normal temperature in Fahrenheit scale ? Will it heat up the head, slightly ? Who needs to care ? Who needs a Hair oil, even if it can give some protection as a filter / cloth to the head ?

Common sense guides the poor villagers. They use a simple cloth over the head. The city persons cannot do that. It does not command much value like a Management Degree, Computer Engineering, a smart phone etc. 

In India, anyone can notice that the normal villagers have more hair compared to educated, city persons.

We lock up commonsense in the name of fashion.


Sleep Walking 


India has produced 6 or more Beauty Queens in the last 12 years starting with Sushmita Sen.  The personal care Companies in America and the West have been given favourable opportunities to peddle their wares to the vast and bulging 300 Million Indian Middle Class section -  more than the population of America. 

The beauty queen, earlier to Sushmita, was Reita Feira in 1967 or so, as I recollect now in 2007. For 25 years, there was no beauty queen. And now there is a flood. Why ? The land of 300 Million middle class income group of Indians, equal to American population, provides a fertile, profitable ground for the so called personal care / water paint and water oil mixture companies to mint money.

All these foreign companies continue to earn substantially since a decade. L Oreal registered 49% growth in India for 2004. And other companies like Revlon, Amway and others have also gained. 

The next burst of beauty Queens will come from Africa, depending upon market survey !


Haircare that deserves Salute even today

Draupadi swore by her hair and kept it too, after 13 long years


She had the guts to swear by the hair confidently. It is indicative that people around that time had the power / knowledge to preserve the hair. A poet does not write in a vacuum.

How many have repeated this feat of Draupadi till now, despite umpteen facilities? And she was in the Vanvas [ lived in the forests] for all those years. She had only Nature and Sense to guide her.

Follow her methods and care about the hair in the right way. Umpteen excuses / trashes and hundred thousand products do not measure upto a pin head, if seen clearly with Common Sense 


Note: 23rd March, 2011

Hairy Rituals: Religion and rituals are not synonyms. Rituals are however part of religions for various factors.

 People indulge in Hairy Rituals and ignore basic Hair Care. This is a major factor than heredity and umpteen others blared, in my 20 years experience as an Inventor and hair care researcher - for depleting heads all around.


Note: Originally written around 1995. Subsequently edited a bit


Errors and Omissions exempted.  If there be any unwanted oversights, mistake in content or suggestions for improvements,  kindly let me know
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