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Ethical Tests



Initial Lengthy Trial - 3 years


Numbers and Years:

Swapna was tested with over 50 users for 3 long years between 1992 to 1994. The recording of the trials / tests stopped after the number crossed 50, the usual limit for Dermatological hair studies. The product was sold and not given free, to avoid favourable prejudice / feeling of obligation

2. The Users: In 1992 and 1993, one of my friends distributed the product in his circle of friends and customers. He had to pick those who had the need for a hairloss or dandruff  control product

3. My identity was not disclosed till September 1993. It was sold as a product from South India


Assessment Tool - handwritten reports


I asked the users to submit a handwritten report about the benefits, if any, in my pre designed questionnaire form. 2 Pages were for personal particulars, hair related problems, remedies tried and so on.  The third page was for conveying their experience with Swapna.

An user was asked to express the final comment on Swapna in a single line. These summary comments are mentioned under the column 'comments' in the testimonial page. 


Blind Tests


I am the inventor of Swapna. I had seen its impact on my bald head. That is not enough to convince others. I had to have some supportive evidence, which are true and unchallengeable.

I was afflicted with Cataract in one eye after another between 1991 and May 1995. So, meeting the users or taking photographs were ruled out / not convenient. I had no budget for Swapna, my pastime invention. That is why the questionnaire form got introduced in early 1992. Getting a  handwritten report became an economical and convenient option


Sequence of Tests


First Test    -  Bald Head of the Formulator - single user   [ May 91 to around Mar 92]

I got some new hair besides hairloss and dandruff control in July 1991 - after 24 years loss and baldness 

Outsiders Test -   [Dec 91 to Oct 92:  About 10 Users / Blind test]

A 67 years old Lady, with negligible  hair at the mid front, started using Swapna from January 1992.  Her recovery photo greets you in the opening page  The Swapna


Other users 

About 10 Fresh  volunteers / users were selected by a friend [son in law of the old lady] from March 1992.  He gave Swapna to some who wanted it mainly for hairloss problems.

The users were varied with different Family backgrounds, Age, Sex, Blood Groups, eating habits, tension level etc. They all benefitted with Swapna.  


  mid 1993 to mid 1994


I was partly blind till April 1993 due to Cataract in the left eye. So, for my own satisfaction and for future records, I was using the questionnaire form as a constant method of evaluation of Swapna. My identify was kept secret to get unbiased reports.

Around July 1993, I started meeting some Swapna Users. More users came forward in our limited circle to try out the product. They were satisfied.

By April 1994, over 50 persons have tried Swapna and found it beneficial to control hairloss.


 End of trials / collecting hand written reports


 By mid 1995, I had over 50 handwritten reports. The process of collection reports was stopped. Around May 1995, I had my second and last Cataract Operation.


Small commercial tests


An Ayurvedic manufacturing license was taken for Swapna in April 1994. Swapna was sold to unknown strangers, from 3 small retail outlets near my house.  The retailers bought the product again, for Resale.

Swapna was my pastime invention. I had my main business to attend. So catering to small retails counters and attempting 20 to 30 Bottles sales did not appeal. So I left that


One note

I was not prepared in 1994 to retail Swapna in a small systematic way or market it widely. I wrongly hoped then that I would sell the formulation / Technology to a bigger outfit. It did not work / has not worked that way. Considering my limitations, I felt that the Internet would be right choice. I have a website since 2000. The site used to get top rankings. The internet impact tapered off gradually after 2004 - all the tall claims about internet vanished. 


General Information / Clinical Trials


Some people, even if they do not fully understand the term 'Clinical Trials', assume that a clinically tested product is safe and the Claims purported to be based on that, are correct. This need not be true

Clinical Trials are done by a Medical Professional / Institute. The trials may be done with paid volunteers. Their oral statements can be conveniently interpreted / manipulated to suit the desired end opinion. This is of course an extreme negative view but such things do take place.

One Ayurvedic Hair fall product was clinically tested by an Allopathic Institute. Legally and ethically, they are not authorised to do that.

The Company, the Doctor and the Hospital are guilty. Such tricks / deliberate misrepresentations are common.  The duping can be spotted on the net by a curious person.

Clinical trials, to simplify, is an outsider's certification of the results.


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