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Dandruff Remedy



Swapna  arrests / controls / stops   Dandruff  within 4 weeks

It also simultaneously controls hairloss. There are not many proven and effective products in the market which can give both these benefits together.


Swapna and its impact


Swapna's benefits are proved with the e mail appreciation notes and comments from Users in America, Germany as well as other parts of India.  The e mails are after 2000 / after Swapna came on the web.

Several anti dandruff shampoos are available conveniently and easily at neighbouring stores in India. It is a reasonable assumption that all these dandruff sufferers did use one or more of the other popular anti dandruff shampoos. The dandruff problem did not get resolved. 

And they eventually located Swapna on the web. 


Dandruff sufferer from America

Problem:  Hairloss and Dandruff    Age    26 plus    Gender   Female          

.' I've been having dandruff problem since i joined college in 1992. I've tried a lot of shampoos. Then I came to U.S and my hair started dropping in great amounts. Then I stopped using shampoos. I got to see your page on web thro a search and started using swapna. Now my dandruff is gone. I apply swapna twice or thrice a week.'' ... 

You will be glad to know that my hair is looking much better than it did even a few months ago. In fact it has grown in length considerably.'..


 New York

one e mail from New York dated 27-6-00

" Isn't it surprising that after trying several shampoos including dandruff ones for my daughter nothing helped her. Even a visit to her doctor for her hair fall problem produced no results" ....

"...Swapna is indeed a most remarkable product. I will definitely tell people about the miracle cure for dandruff & falling hair. I do wish it was more easily available in America. .


 Dandruff sufferer from Canada:  The lady is 60 plus  

b] e mail: Sunday, August 17, 2003 5:59 PM...

'...My hair is great and I owe it all to Swapna for sure. Perhaps it isn't quite as thick as it once was but then I'm not as young as before either. haha. But the quality of my hair is wonderful and of course no dandruff any more. ...Let me know if anyone wants a happy user to ask..."

" ....yes it is doing just fine thanks to Swapna.. truly a dream product. And especially the feel of my head after years of itchiness and tightness and soooo much white stuff (dandruff) falling.'

[Hair Care tip: One related detail: This lady, spent over 150 Canadian Dollars for hormonal imbalance check up. Hormonal Imbalance is not a scientifically relevant factor for Dandruff. Proof ? No research report of link in medical books. She bought Swapna for hairloss problem. Dandruff and Hormone check was mentioned by her only later in this e mail]


Dandruff sufferer from Germany

Problem: hairloss and Dandruff   Age      26     Gender   Male        Resident of Germany

e mail dated .2003  just selected sentences / parts reproduced

.. was suffering from hairloss and dandruff. Before trying swapna i used lot of anti-dandruff-shampoos prescribed from the German doctors but it did not help me. After that i found your product on the web. I have been using swapna for the last 2 years and it has helped me a lot. I am also getting some new hairs slowly. I am very much thankful to you for that. 

[ He was using Swapna wrongly for over 18 months - apply it before bath and then wash it off. Despite that, he derived some benefit]


Dandruff sufferer from Goa, India

Problem: Dandruff       Age     above 40      Gender    Female         Resident of   GOA

e mail dated ........Tuesday, August 01, 2000 9:57 PM:  just selected parts reproduced

"..I am very grateful to you and your product. May the good Lord always bless you and your family. For twelve years (1988 onwards), I suffered of dry as well as oily dandruff's. .. I lost a lot of hair.

... I applied your cream, within exactly a month I was cured of dandruff. ... Even the itching sensation of the scalp has disappeared. What ever you have said so far about your product has come true,..".

[In my view / as per  Dermatological books, there is no classification as wet and dry dandruff]


Dandruff sufferer from Western India

Problem:   Dandruff     Age      28     Gender      Male         

e mail dated   August 01, 2004 10:33 AM........edited and just selected parts reproduced 


The dandruff has really reduced and itching is almost nil now. This is for first time in last 5-6 years that i am feeling some what relieved about the dandruff. I just want to thank you for this medicine.


Dandruff sufferer from Kashmir

        Problem:  Dandruff     Age    30 plus      Gender      Male       

e mail dated . November 10, 2003 3:48 AM......just selected parts / sentences reproduced

..........I have started using it and to my amazement the  dandruff problem is like just over in just 2 weeks. I hope it works just as fine in the future to increase hair density. .....


Dandruff - some points to know / my views


1. Dandruff is due to 'fungus'.

2. Oil is naturally fungus resistant. So application of oil on the hair is a simple, dandruff preventive step

A non oiled head would sweat more compared to a oily head. So, a non oily head is a little more conducive to dandruff. 

3. Dermatology does not have an easy cure or control mechanism for dandruff. .

4. There is not enough basis / evidences to assume that Cosmetic remedies / anti dandruff shampoos is the right answer to dandruff for all.

Dandruff sufferers were less than 40% across the World, around 1996. The position has worsened and it is over 60%, as of 2012. This figure is confirmed by 2 International Shampoo sellers.

5. Indian Scene

The Anti Dandruff Shampoo market sales was around 500 Crores in India, around 1995. By 2008, the volume / sales tripled to over 1500 Crores. This 3 fold increase in less than 15 years indicate clearly that  anti dandruff shampoos are invariably ineffective.

6. [I have used anti dandruff shampoos between 1969 to 1980 - it worked only as a relief. Dandruff did not go even after 12 years of use. It went away finally in 1991 with the use of Swapna.]

7. Shampoos / Anti Dandruff shampoos can wash out the beneficial nutrients in the root area of the hair.


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