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  Compare 1  


This page presents feature-wise comparative analysis of Swapna versus Minoxidil 2% and Propecia. Swapna Scores over these 2 products in several features. Minoxidil 2% and Propecia are formulations based on the side reactions of some medicines.

These are the only 2 FDA US approved Hair Regain products intended for male pattern alopecia cases. That only indicates that a meaningful relief to the public is still far away.  [Swapna is a little known a product]

Minoxidil 2% was degraded by Dr. Olsen by 1990 after she completed her 3 year long trials with the product - Recent Advances in Dermatology - Book No 8 Churchill Livingstone 1990. Propecia offers a shallow theory - DHT is the cause for male pattern alopecia. And the product can impact favourably less than 50% users. These points question the theory. All males do make Testosterone, the T in DHT / di dydroxy testosterone. Does not the other 50% do not make Testosterone? After age 40, the testosterone production slows down.

That being a Medical fact, if the DHT theory is valid, should not some males recover hair on their own with reducing 'T" and further declining 'dht'? No one, except me, seems to have raised these questions

For Swapna's impact on hereditary hairloss cases, please also refer to  Hereditary Hairloss   page


A Note

These products are of 2 different companies and naturally, the approach / theories differ from one another. Please refer to http://www.propecia.com  and http://www.rogaine.com for latest information about these products. This basic content of the page is prior to 2000 and has not been altered much. 



Feature wise comparison

Minoxidil [mainly 2%]



Swapna Hair Enricher

Excess Hair Fall / loss Controls Hair Loss   Controls Hair Loss Controls Hair Loss
Focused on Male Pattern Alopecia / hereditary baldness cases   Male Pattern Alopecia / hereditary baldness cases all cases including hereditary
gender drawbacks mainly for males   only for Males suited for Both Males and Females
  The version for Men, not clinically tested for women  [1995]   not for females  


  Minoxidil [mainly 2%]   Propecia Swapna Hair Enricher
Dandruff  Remedy




Controls Dandruff 


Impact - proofs

[mainly 2%]
Swapna Hair Enricher
before and after use photos not shown to Public   not shown to Public presents 3 comparative photo proofs in the website


Minoxidil 2% was sold as Multigain by Torrent Pharmaceuticals in India

A balding person is shown combing the hair, in the literature to Doctors - Caption - reduces hair loss and slows balding process

  Some photo proofs shown to the FDA - magnified 10000 times or more

but why the same cannot be shown to the public in their website, is a mystery to me !

Before and after 18 / 24 months use photos of a 65 plus Old lady and also

regain by No 8 Hereditary Baldy

New Hair Growth proved

Users Reports not presented   not presented Users comments, from their handwritten reports are presented in the site
Proofs for viewers Claimed to have been used by 5 Millions in 10 years time - Not a single before and after use Regain photo of an user in Dermatology text books or in their website   Reported Results: ...vertex Area
Great                6%
Moderate         31%
Slight              30%
No Change       33%
Decrease          1% 

Mid Scalp         Poor  

Relevant details from the users reports are presented in the  web site

Handwritten Reports of the users are in our records



Safety  Minoxidil [mainly 2%]   Propecia Swapna Hair Enricher
For Males / Men

Tested with men aged    between 18 to 42 years with slight to moderate hair loss [ not for bald ]

  Product Tested between age 18 to about 46 years  no age restriction
Adolescents Not suggested    Not suggested Suggested / used / tested
Children - above age 3 Not suggested    Not suggested safe  above age 3



Test for suitability Minoxidil [mainly 2%]   Propecia Swapna Hair Enricher
Test / check for suitability Minimum 2 months   Minimum 3 months 3-4 weeks only

Over 30 US Dollars for 60 ml - one month use


Over 40 US Dollars for one month tablets

below 5 Dollars for 60 ml / one month use


Is Regain or improvement in density possible ? Yes, in many cases

  Minoxidil [mainly 2%]   Propecia Swapna Hair Enricher
Impacting capacity or
Range - new growth
Below 40% of users
or hair regain
  about 36% on Vertex
5% on Anterior
New gradual Growth likely with over 90% of users
  One year for Rogaine 5%. With Minoxidil -2%, impact tapers off after 1 year.    One year. If there is no visual benefit, discontinue and refer a Doctor Swapna continues to impact even after 4 years use as per practical results of Users
Density improvement 30% of Normal    30% of Normal in mild to moderate hair loss cases No limitation - depends upon Scalp condition


Draw back in all

  Minoxidil [mainly 2%]   Propecia Swapna Hair Enricher
If it fails for hair regain Hairloss is controlled during the period of use   Hairloss is stopped or slowed during the period of use Hairloss control achieved in over 95% of cases
If use is stopped The Regained hair will be lost within a year. The end result could be less than the Start level   The Regained hair can be lost within a year - continue usage to retain whatever gained.  Regained hair not lost or affected - no negative report in 14 years - but total stoppage not advisable



Undesirable Side Effects Minoxidil [mainly 2%]   Propecia Swapna Hair Enricher
Base for the product> Synthetic Chemical   Synthetic Chemical mainly natural products
The active ingredient Powerful Vasodilator - dilutes the Blood.    Finsasteride - interacts with Hormones natural / historically proven products
side effect Itching and skin irritation   decreased libido and impotence in 2% cases. Normalcy regained if the medicine is stopped. safe - no side effects


The Background source for the 2 Compare Pages  / basis for the writing

1.    For Minoxidil 2% - Research Findings reported in
 Recent Advances in Dermatology, Book No 8: Churchill Living stone publication

2.    For Minoxidil 5% / Rogaine    Pharmicia Upjohn Web sites
                    URL:    http://www.rogaine.com 

3.    Pharmicia Upjohn press releases / others
                    URL    http://www.pnu.com/products/proddisplay.asp ? 12

4.    For Propecia
                    URL    http://www.propecia.com/

5     For Swapna Hair Enricher
                    URL    http://hairsaverplus.com

6.    Coping with Sudden Hair Loss - Ms. Elizabeth Steel 

This book by  Ms Steel, published perhaps in 1991, mentions that Minoxidil 5% which was not permitted in US. Yet it was tried in some European Countries without much success. Minoxidil 2% was also not that effective and useful for many. The author is a TV announcer. She wears a wig because of her hair condition. The book also mentions that many women lost the hair due to perming.

For some published drawbacks, please refer to Compare 2


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