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  Cancer n  Hairloss  


This page is about Hair Recovery / growth by 2 Cancer cured patients who chanced to refer to me. This page may please be taken as a part of  the 'Hairloss control' page. 


Cancer and Hairloss


Two Chemotherapy cured Cancer patients have used Swapna In the last 25 years for getting hair / improving the density. Both were satisfied. The relevant background details are provided below.

Some cancer cured persons, I understand, do face considerable damage to hair and loss of density even after the drugs have been stopped.

They can think of Swapna as a safe, available option - as it is an external application hair cream


Case Details


1. A Lady Cancer patient wanted to use Swapna in early 1993. She had come to know the impact that Swapna was beginning to have on the old lady, whose photographs are in the home page of this site.  She hardly had any hair / very limited density. The Chemotherapy treatment was over. 

A friend of mine through whom Swapna used to be supplied in 1992 and 1993 mentioned this case to me in early 1993. I knew nothing about Cancer, drugs and the consequent hair loss as I am not a Doctor and my knowledge of Dermatology details were also limited then.

My identity as the maker of Swapna was a secret then and secondly, with Cataract in the left eye, I had limited vision. For all these reasons, I did not see her.

It was conveyed to her that she should consult her Doctors and then only use Swapna.

Her Doctors told her that since Swapna / hair cream is an external application cream, it would not have any impact on the internal medicines for Cancer. She was permitted to use Swapna.


Soothing Impact

After the initial trials, she used up 2 bottles of Swapna within 6 weeks.  [ May - June Summer months:  normal Summer temperature is 43*C / 108* F] The excessive use was surprising. I  queried and got the reply

I was told that she used to have 'heated head' and 'restless nights' / poor sleep because of the Cancer medicines. She conveyed that she has started having cooler head and proper sleep with Swapna's soothing impact.  She clarified that the excess use was for that rest / peaceful sleep and not  with undue expectation of  faster growth' as I presumed.

She was a mother of 3 kids, eldest being around 19 years then. She had breast cancer. After perhaps August 1993, she was using normal quantity only


Swapna and Hair Growth / recovery

When I saw her for the first time in April 1995,  She thanked me profusely and assured me that she is very happy and for the product. She had shoulder length hair. The scalp was not visible.

I was not impressed with her hair length. I commented about that.

She then showed me  the rubber band that she had used to tie the hair. I could not make out anything.

She said that she did not have enough hair to even use a  rubber band earlier. Only because of Swapna, she said that she recovered   She knew the loss and cherished the gain


2. My family Doctor, who knew about Swapna, suggested the use of Swapna,  to a Cancer cured patient, when he got talking about his hair condition.

He was a young boy aged around 22, used 4 bottles passed on through my Doctor. He gained reasonable density.  He met me personally after 6 months to thank me for Swapna and collected 4 more bottles.  He did not need Swapna after that.


My suggestion


These  2 cases are only suggestive.  

Cancer cured patients, who suffer from limited hair or low density, can use Swapna after consulting their Doctors. Swapna is an external application cream and is safe to use, if the medications are over.  



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