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[Note: 1.  I invented Swapna Hair Enricher in 1991. Its results were beyond my expectation. That made me study the above Dermatology books and others from 1992 onwards for 6 years - to reassess / cross check my results with Dermatological products and advancements. If there was a better product, there was no point in continuing with Swapna, a pastime invention.  Swapna came out tops in this assessment.

2. I did not come across a safe and functional cure for hairloss or dandruff in Dermatology books. That is why it is a bit shocking and disturbing that nearly a Million results come for hair loss control, dandruff, hair damage and so on, in search results on the web

3. This academic research helped in writing some haircare notes for Swapna users. Their response made me finally write a book on Haircare - now named An ABC on Haircare and much more]

4. I used to refer the Books and Magazines in the British Library of Ahmedabad. This is not a complete list. There used to some rare / special books in the Reference section. I used to refer to them as well

The idea to write the book, Tips for the Top, came about only in 1996. It was a waste of money and efforts, as I got compelled to admit by 1999.

People may cry for hours about hairloss but not bother to know a bit more from a book.

1. Diseases of the Hair & Scalp
Arthur Rook and Rodney Dawber 1982: Blackwell Scientific Publications

2. Text Book of Dermatology
Vol 3, IV Edn: Arthur Rook and others: Blackwell Scientific Publications

3. Hair and Scalp Disorders
Rodney Dawber & Dominque Van Neste: Martin Duntitz Publications 1995

4. Recent Advances in Dermatology - Book No 8
Churchill Livingstone 1990

5. Roxburgh's Common Skin Diseases
R. Marks & others; 16th Edn, 1993: Chapman & Hall Medical Publication

6. Healthy Skin - The Facts
Rona M.Mackie

7. Essentials of Dermatology
J.L. Burton; IV Edition; 1990: Churchill Livingstone

8. Harry's Cosmetology
J.A. Wilkenson & others; 7th Edition

9. Pouchers's Perfume, Cosmetics & Soaps
Vol 1, VII Edn; & Vol 3, IV Edn; Hilda Butler: Chapman & Hall

10.. Encyclopedia of Shampoo Ingredients
Anthony L.L. Hunting: Micelle Press

11. The Complete Book of Home Remedies
Hakeem H Abdul: Orient paperbacks

12. Herbs that Heal
H.K.Bakru; Orient paperbacks

13.. A few other books on Biochemistry, Vitamins & Minerals, Fats & Oils, etc.

14.  Problems and Solutions!
[Very many Authors; Printed & Unprinted, Magazines, Newspapers, Friends, & others: The Advertisements on TV & other media]

15. The Meetings with various Swapna Hair Enricher users from 1993 onwards.


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