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  The Swapna  


Swapna hair Enricher is for a dandruff free, hairloss controlled, hair nourishing experience. It is a haircare simplified, Invention. Please study the proofs to judge the product.


First Major benefit - Hair loss control

 Vivid, Categorical Proof




 May 1993 - Age around 65


April 1995 - Age around 67


1993 Photo: The density is very poor at the mid front. The Leucodermia mark is visible at the parting. Even at the back, the density is a bit low.

Look at the back of the May 1993 photo. There are new, short and protruding hair at the back - very short to comb down. She started using Swapna from mid 1992 

1995 photo.  There is density improvement and new hair at the mid front. New hair have come all around the Leucodermia mark. The short hair at the back in 1993 photo, have grown and have got nicely combed down.

Do the results appeal to you? The Leucodermia mark at the parting, clearly visible in the 1993 photo,  is an authentic identification mark for the lady.

The photos prove the product's ability to control hair loss.

Density can improve, only if the hair fall got controlled first. If hair fall was greater than or equal to hair gain, the density could not have improved.  These photos easily proves improvement in density.

 That is, hair loss control as well as hair growth benefits of Swapna are proved by these photos


Lady's Background: The porous density at the front was due to side effects of some medicines taken for heart attack - as conveyed to me by her family members.  The Doctors could not help her with hair loss. One of her son in laws informed her about Swapna.  She became the first external user around mid 1992.

 [CPP means comparative photo proofs: above set is CPP-1: 2 more sets are in the site]. 

Hereditary baldness prone persons can also get hairloss control benefit with Swapna. It can be looked upon as an anti baldness aid by such persons. Another way to look at Swapna,  is to assess its power to help retain the currently available hair

For more details, please refer to Hair loss  Control and Hereditary Hairloss  pages

Diet / Food, Pollution, Stress / Tension, Proteins, Vitamins and split ends do not have any role to play with hair loss.  Swapna acts irrespective of these factors in giving its 3 major benefits in most cases.


Hair loss control

Users handwritten Reports / testimonials - second set of proofs besides the comparative photos

Swapna was tested for 3 long years with over 100 persons for its 'hair loss control' ability. About 40 of them cooperated with me in submitting their handwritten reports.

These results are tabulated and presented in the Testimonials page.

That was my base. The above comparative photos came about in 1995 as you can note.


2nd Major Benefit 2 - Hair Growth


Another definitive proof for gain and growth


July 1995 - back view


This back view of the lady in the earlier photographs, is an additional confirmatory proof for this benefit

The new hair got with Swapna, roughly separated, are on the left side of the July 95 photo.

The original old hair have lengthened further and is on the right side of the photo.  The length extends below the back rest of the foldable chair. The lady sports 2 different hair lengths!.   [Traditional Hindu / Orthodox women normally do not cut the hair in their married life.]

 Growth / Gain  is a gradually accruing benefit. Please refer  Hair Gain  page


 3rd Major Benefit 3Dandruff Remedy


Swapna has demonstrated ability to  control dandruff  within 30 days. 

Dandruff leads to excess hair loss. As Swapna acts simultaneously against Dandruff as well, it is simplified hair care for hair loss sufferers. 

For Users comments, refer Dandruff  Remedy  page.


Hairloss  Products around the World


I have been routinely searching the web since 2000 for a hairloss control or dandruff remedy product, backed with supportive proofs. There is none / hardly any besides Swapna. [I have searched many Dermatology books without success between 1992 to 1998]


 Query in  Web Search

On 24th April, 2017

hair loss control product with supportive proofs

Top Ten position for this site - about 4  Million results


One astounding News


I am 74. I am a total baldy since age 37 / by 1980. Except on sides, the top space is barren / very limited hair in the mid area.

Now. at the fore front,  I got 2 new Black hair - one directly above the nose and another small one, below a centimeter, to its left. There are a couple of adjacent grey hair.

There may not be another person either in India or outside, who can exhibit such feats.

Truth is stale, has no glamour or gossip value. So, you may not get this news in the media. But those who suffer should know.


The Product


Swapna was invented in 1991. It is called 'Swapna' in short, in this site.  It is suitable for both males and females above age 3. It is a daily use, anti itch,  soft hair cream. It is to be applied after bath on nearly dry hair.

Swapna contains a blend of natural vegetable Oils, special aqueous extracts,  emulsifier, perfume and some minor  additives.

It is water washable. No need to use Shampoo.

For Product details;    Product Note


Technical Licensing


Technology is available for Swapna, hair loss control cream / oil, non Sticky hair oil, a simple dandruff cure and an economical hair oil, which would functionally be better than Coconut Oil.

Please refer Technical Licensing   for the links



Consultation is the first step prior to purchase of Swapna.



A major factor responsible for the increasing spread of hairloss across the World is 'unwanted abuse and misuse of hair'. Heredity cannot account for the incremental rise of hairloss.

Hairy Bluffs      Shun Shampoos


Other Site details


This site is designed for Desktop and not for smart phones. The Product is not advertised. We are not in social media.  Please copy the url for future needs. 

Please use the  Site map  to reach the 5 different sections and  pages.  Important points are normally highlighted in  brown with light grey or yellow background.

All the photos in this site are by amateur photographers except the 1993, Jan 1995 and 1967 photos of the inventor. The photos were taken in the open area, without precise, pre defined parameters for Camera, angle, Sunlight intensity, film used and so on.


..Note on oversights / errors

I suffer now from slight macular degeneration of the eyes - slightly reducing eye sight due to age in common parlance. Hence, there can be minor typo errors, oversights in sentences and so on because of the reading difficulty in editing a page. I am sorry for that.  Readers may please point out the errors, if any. 


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